Why Proper Filtration Is Critical To Your Industrial Gearbox

Why Proper Filtration Is Critical To Your Industrial Gearbox

Date: May 2, 2018

An industrial gearbox that does not have an adequate filtration system can cause many problems and result in costly repairs. This issue can also cause your equipment to break down before the end of its normal operational lifespan. It is important to keep your gearbox performing at peak efficiency, especially in the most difficult conditions.

The maintenance and operational costs to operate a filtration system can seem overwhelming or confusing. However, the challenge is to find a filtration system that works to improve efficiency and the lifespan of your system. Having a good overall maintenance plan is beneficial for your industrial gearbox and should include proper lubricant filtration.

The advantages of having a good maintenance program

The main components of a good filtration system should help your industrial gearbox to run efficiently. However, the bigger issue or concern is the loss of power generated within the filtration system if it is not maintained. The lifespan of gearboxes are increasing because of the need for more power and service life. This means that gearbox maintenance must be performed well for longer periods of time. The projected life cycle of a gearbox has improved from 10-12 years to 15-25 years in most renewable energy markets.

To accomplish this goal, the life of an industrial gearbox must be extended by increasing the lifespan of all its components. Good filtration is necessary for properly maintaining your equipment. A lubricant is a substance that reduces the friction between two metal surfaces, lowering the amount of heat generated by each moving component. This helps reduce overheating, among other issues.

Overheating can cause many problems for industrial gearbox components, but it is best known for reducing the lifespan of your equipment. It is critical to keep a maintenance schedule that reduces the need for repair, including using an efficient filtration system.

The effects of an inadequate filtration on a gearbox

It’s important to start the filtration process when you begin using your industrial gearbox. Waiting too long will reduce the lifespan of your equipment. If the filtration method you choose isn’t done regularly, it will cause a buildup of oil that requires immediate service. Often, the damage caused can be expensive and result in a lengthy repair process.

The main reason industrial gearboxes are decommissioned and sent off-site for repairs is that contaminants have entered the filtration system. Using new oil is overlooked as a leading cause, but it creates the perfect atmosphere for exposing the gearbox to dirt. The best filtration system ensures the oil is clean and allows your gearbox to work efficiently. It is best if the filtration process is done in one pass, as this will clear out contaminants rather than recycle them through the system.

If filtration is done often enough and your gearbox requires full repair, you will have to drain the oil and replace it once repairs are complete. This can be time consuming and take your staff away from their regular duties. Repairs also result in downtime, which means you cannot operate until the equipment is restored.

Industrial gearbox filtration solutions

Implementing a good filtration method is part of any extended maintenance schedule and will result in cost savings for your business. Also, it will help lower consumption of oil by your industrial gearbox. It is important to have a plan in place to remove and discard the waste after filtration is complete. This creates a pathway for more consistently generated power throughout the process.

At a lower cost over the lifetime of the equipment, a good filtration system will help to ensure a good, reliable product is being produced. The best systems will also remove waste particles from inside the industrial gearbox. All of this works in direct correlation to preserve the life of your machine. How often you filter the oil will be the key to helping your gearbox become more reliable. Be sure to implement a proper record-keeping system to track the oil consumption and quality of your gearbox annually. This will help you decide when to filter the oil.

Industrial gearbox maintenance and repair

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