Amarillo Gear Repair Service

Amarillo Gear

Amarillo Gear Service proudly provides our customers with a time-tested, three step repair process for renewing Amarillo Gear drives to like-new condition. First, you’ll be provided with a “not to exceed” quote that will give you an idea of the potential cost of renewal. Second, a trained technician will perform an inspection of your drive and an As Found Condition Report will be created along with an updated quote reflecting the inspection findings. Finally, your box will be reNEWed on the inside and outside, tested, and given back to you with an As New one year warranty.

Repair process

  • Amarillo Gear Service Sales Associate will provide you a basic repair quote.
  • Technicians will conduct a visual inspection of your drive.
  • Technicians will detail an “As Found” Condition Report with a precise and itemized cost for repair and renewal.
  • Upon approval, your drive will be repaired according to the “As Found” Condition Report.
  • Your drive will then be primed and finished with a double coating of marine grade epoxy paint.
  • Your drive will be returned to you with a one-year warranty.

Just Need Parts?

Amarillo Gear Service is proud to offer a full range of replacement parts. We offer a number of options for you to choose from.

Select Parts

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