The Benefits Of A Gearbox Renewal Service

The Benefits Of A Gearbox Renewal Service

Date: February 29, 2016

Your gearbox is the heart of your machinery, so if it breaks down, your operations can come to a halt. The delays that a broken gearbox creates cost you time and money, and can throw your production off schedule. These potential issues are why it is vital that you keep your gearbox in top condition.

You could buy a new gearbox if your current gearbox breaks down. Buying a new machine means that you will get a factory built piece of equipment that has never been used. However, buying new represents a considerable investment of resources. A gearbox renewal service can help you save money and quality will be a top priority during the renewal process. A gearbox renewal service also includes a detailed inspection and can help save you time now and in the future.

A gearbox renewal service can help you save money

A new gearbox can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $60,000, which is a large investment for any business. By renewing your gearbox, you can save on capital investments and use those funds to enhance other areas of your business. As your operations grow, you can see increased profitability by simply maintaining and renewing the equipment that helped your business get where it is.

It is rare for an entire gearbox to wear out and become unserviceable. Even as one or two components reach the end of their serviceable life span, many other components are still in great working order. When you renew your gearbox, you keep your existing unit in service for as long as possible, without having to replace it completely. From an environmental, financial, and efficiency perspective, renewal is the best option for any gearbox that requires service.

Before you have your gearbox renewed, look for a company that provides a warranty. Warranties allow you to trust the service that has been performed and give you peace of mind. Should a component stop functioning, the warranty should cover the costs of repairing the broken part. This protection will help you save money in the long run.

Quality is a top priority during gearbox renewal

Quality should be the standard for any company that is renewing your gearbox. Engineers, factory technicians, and even shipping departments should have strict protocols in place to ensure that each gearbox leaves the facility in “as new” condition. Facilities should also be ISO9001:2008 Quality Certified.

Quality should also translate to the materials used to make gearboxes. Some gearboxes are made with cases manufactured from ASTM A48 Class 30 gray cast iron. This material helps dampen both noise and vibration during operation, which makes your operations quieter and safer. Dampening vibrations also means that you will not have to continually worry about recalibrating equipment that shifts as it operates.

Gearbox renewal includes a detailed inspection

One of the most important steps in gearbox renewal is the inspection. Each small part of your gearbox should be thoroughly inspected to determine its condition. Thorough technicians will compile a detailed report with their recommendations for you to review after the inspection has been completed. The inspection process means that there are no surprises when it comes to the work that needs to be performed, or how much it will cost. By having your gearbox renewed by a professional service company, you can be sure that your equipment will be returned to factory specifications.

A gearbox renewal service can help you save time

Typically, gearboxes can be renewed within two or three weeks. When you schedule your renewal in advance, many facilities can begin working on it right away. This option gives you the ability to schedule your renewal before your equipment breaks down. You can also schedule your renewal to coincide with other maintenance you may need to perform, reducing downtime and saving money.

Additionally, the information collected during the initial inspection of the gearbox is recorded and kept within the gearbox’s file. Should something happen in the future, this file makes it easier to pinpoint the cause of any problem. Keeping detailed repair records saves time no and in the future, which means less downtime for your equipment.

Are you looking for an experienced gearbox renewal company? The professionals at Amarillo Gear Service would be happy to tell you more about our gearbox renewal process. Call us today at (806) 622-1273 for more information about the ways we can save your business time and money, while keeping your equipment in top condition. You can also Contact Us by email to learn more and view the regions we service.

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