Painting A Gearbox: What You Need To Know

Painting A Gearbox: What You Need To Know

Date: February 29, 2016

Your gearbox is vital for your operations, so it is essential that this equipment is manufactured and maintained by a professional service company. From the components within the unit to the paint on the outside, each element must be completed to the highest quality standards. It is important to understand the purpose of cleaning the gearbox before it is painted and what a quality paint can do for your a gearbox.

Cleaning the gearbox before painting

Before painting, each gearbox is thoroughly sandblasted to remove all traces of old paint, oil, salt, grease, corrosion, and any surface contaminants that may be present. This process prepares the surface to accept a fresh coat of paint and guarantees that the finished coat will adhere to the gearbox.

Cleaning and then painting the gearbox creates a more durable, longer lasting finish. Surface preparation is the first step, and if it is not done correctly, then all the following steps cannot be done correctly. It is important that each component is carefully inspected before painting to make sure that nothing is missed during the preparation process.

Quality paint for a gearbox

One of the best paints to use on a gearbox is a marine grade epoxy paint. This type of paint can provide long-term protection, without hindering the mechanical operation of your equipment. Both the exterior and interior of the equipment should be coated with this paint. Painting both the inside and the outside protects against any moisture or foreign elements that may seep into the gearbox.

The marine grade epoxy paint also provides a high degree of protection against physical damage from tools and other objects that may impact the surface. Once dried, the coating helps protect the gearbox from nicks, dings, scratches, and dents. The paint also prevents immediate equipment failure and rusting that can slowly damage or destroy the unit. Even the smallest scratch on the surface can present an opportunity for corrosion to take hold, so having a reliable paint on your gearbox is essential.

Marine grade epoxy paint has many properties that make it ideal for use within cooling tower operations. These features include a strong adhesion to the surface, superior resistance to water penetration, and minimal susceptibility to moisture during the curing process. Quick curing minimizes the possibility of dust and debris infiltrating before the paint has dried. This type of paint also offers reliable abrasion resistance once cured.

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