Maximizing The Life Expectancy Of Your Gearbox

Maximizing The Life Expectancy Of Your Gearbox

Date: April 27, 2016

If you want to extend the life of your gearbox, there are several things you should do to maintain its efficiency. Keep in mind that gearboxes vary in their life expectancy range, especially when comparing new and rebuilt equipment. All gearboxes have maintenance requirements and no matter which type you have, you can prolong the overall lifespan by following these tips.

Verify the size of your gearbox

You will want to make sure your industrial gearbox is sized correctly. If the size is not right, you might have to make more repairs in a shorter amount of time. Repairs and replacements can add up fast, so be sure to get the right size gearbox for your business.

Store your gearbox properly

If you have a gearbox, but you have not installed it, you should store it in the proper location. Go with the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to avoid rust and dry rot. If you store your gearbox properly before installation, it will last longer once it is in place.

When you install the gearbox, align it with the driving components in the proper manner. The correct alignment will prevent bearing loads that exceed what the gearbox can handle and will give it a longer lifespan.

Check the sub-base of your gearbox

Double check the mounting sub-base to make sure it can handle the weight and force of the gearbox itself. You don’t want natural vibrations to shorten the life of any rotating parts because of the sub-base.

Lubricate the gearbox correctly

Industrial gearboxes have a much longer life if they have the proper lubrication. You will want to make sure the unit has lubricant, but you do not want to use just any lubricant you have on hand. Make sure you fill the unit with the right quantity of lubricant that is the correct quality and type. You will want to meet all of the manufacturer’s requirements in order to keep the gearbox in operating order. Lubricant that is kept cool lasts longer, which will keep the gearbox operational. Keep the system cool as much as possible and think about filtering if you have a dusty or humid environment.

Follow oil and grease requirements for your gearbox

You will replace the lubricant often according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but you also need to watch the oil and grease requirements. The lube gears need to be oiled periodically and the lube bearings will also need grease. Keep a calendar that will remind you to check these lubricants, because they may be on different schedules.

Inspect your gearbox often

In order to avoid larger problems, it is a good idea to inspect your industrial gearbox often. Plan regular internal and external inspections in order to spot any small concerns. Small things can easily be fixed, but they can grow into larger concerns if they are not caught. Small problems left without repair can also shorten the life expectancy of your gearbox significantly.

Just like anything else, a gearbox needs preventative maintenance to stay in good shape. The more efficiently your gearbox runs, the longer it will work for you.

Establish a gearbox maintenance plan

You will need to put a gearbox maintenance plan into motion in order to keep it in efficient running order for as long as possible. Make notes on your calendar for when you need to check certain parts. Having a plan and sticking to it can go a long way towards maximizing the life expectancy of any industrial gearbox.

For more information on gearbox maintenance

At Amarillo Gear Service, we work with our clients to ensure their industrial gearboxes remain operational for the duration of their intended lifespan. We ensure that every unit we refurbish and repair leaves our facilities in near-new condition. If we notice potential causes of failure during the repair stage, we notify clients immediately. The result is that many of our gearboxes perform better once they are returned and are less prone to damage and further problems.

Give us a call today at (806) 622-1273 for more information about our services. You can also Contact Us via email and view the regions we service. We offer services to clients around the world and our reputation for quality workmanship is one we know you will be happy to rely on.

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