Maintenance Tips To Help Prolong The Life Of Your Gearbox

Maintenance Tips To Help Prolong The Life Of Your Gearbox

Date: April 27, 2016

The two greatest enemies to any gearbox are friction and heat. When these two things happen inside your gearbox, your machinery could suffer a catastrophic failure. Heat and friction most often occur through improper maintenance and a lack of care. Failing to maintain your industrial gearbox properly will reduce the life and productivity of your equipment and increase your business costs. By practicing the following maintenance tips, you can prolong the life of your industrial gearbox.

Keep equipment clean and drip-free

Every work environment will have dust, dirt, grime, and other contaminants that can find their way into your gearbox and cause damage. Implementing a daily cleaning schedule helps to prevent buildup of potentially damaging contaminants. More thorough cleanings should be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis as part of your preventative maintenance plan. You want to clear any breathers and filters where dust and dirt often collect.

You also need to ensure you don’t have and drips, leaks, or other types of fluid loss in your gearbox. The best way to prevent or catch leaks is to have your operators keep a close eye on your machinery while they are working. Have your employees look for and report any drips, leaks, or seepage that indicate a loss of fluid. Any sign of fluid should immediately be inspected and maintenance performed to stop the loss of the critical lubrication your gearbox needs.

Replace gaskets, seals, and hoses

A little preventive maintenance will help keep your gearbox in top condition, your operating costs low, and your machinery at peak efficiency during production runs. Among the most important maintenance steps is to ensure the gaskets, seals, and hoses that feed your gearbox have been properly lubricated. Pressure testing and other inspections will help you to identify any potentially bad gaskets, seals, or hoses and help you find any potential leaks. You may also need to replace these items during the recommended maintenance schedules for your gearbox to minimize the potential for a catastrophic failure.

Watch for wear and vibration

Your gearbox is comprised of many finely crafted and detailed parts that must fit precisely to operate at peak efficiency and prevent breakdowns. Over time, even the best-maintained gears will wear. When gears wear down, vibration and other issues often arise, leading to increased damage, hotter operating temperatures, and potential breakdowns in the near future. Breakdowns can be prevented by regular maintenance and inspections of your gearbox.

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