How Industrial Gearboxes Are Used In Different Industries

How Industrial Gearboxes Are Used In Different Industries

Date: February 22, 2018

Gearboxes are used across a variety of industries because they serve many functions. An industrial gearbox, in its simplest definition, is a collection of gears that increase either torque or speed, but usually not both. These machines can be found attached to conveyor belts and in cooling towers, among many other areas. In fact, many industries will use a mix of gearboxes depending on the functionality required by each task. Some of the largest sectors these machines are used in include the paper, cement, sugar, and steel industries.

The paper industry

The paper industry is still important in today’s eco-friendly markets. In many ways, it is experiencing a surge in popularity that has increased demand for production facilities and the gearboxes that run machines in those facilities. The paper industry utilizes a broad range of industrial gearboxes including those made of cast iron, steel, and aluminum to fulfill a variety of functions.

The cement industry

Cement is another industry that is poised to grow in the next decade. With past discussions in the news and government of an infrastructure renewal plan, cement is undoubtedly going to play an important role in any major project. This industry uses industrial gearboxes in high torque situations to process cement. Gearboxes such as bevel and helical models are used to increase torque in engines or reduce speed. Essentially, the cement industry uses industrial gearboxes to alter torque to the maximum possible extent.

The sugar industry

Sugar is an industry that is heavily reliant on a broad range of industrial machinery. Accordingly, it relies on a wide variety of industrial gearboxes, including helical and even custom built models to manage a broad range of torque and ratio capacities.

The steel industry

Steel, like cement, is another industry that uses heavy machinery and requires industrial gearboxes to operate in harsh conditions. This industry relies on gearboxes that are strong, durable, and able to endure high temperatures. The steel industry uses a variety of industrial gearboxes like helical models, as well as spur and bevel gearboxes.

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