The Importance Of Industrial Gearbox Lubricating Oil

The Importance Of Industrial Gearbox Lubricating Oil

Date: October 25, 2016

The gearbox is a vital component of many industrial applications. These devices are important because they transport mechanical power and change the speed factor of motors. Gearboxes must work efficiently to get the job done properly and lubrication is vital to this efficiency.

Lubricating oil is like the blood system of an industrial gearbox. If the oil levels fall too low, the gearbox will likely fail. Gearbox failure can lead to expensive repairs that could be prevented. Besides added costs due to replacement or repair, costs associated with a loss of production could could be significant. These issues are why it is important to understand the consequences of having low lubricant levels. Understanding the functions of industrial gearbox lubricating oil can help you choose the right oil for your equipment and help prevent gearbox failures.

Consequences of low lubricant levels

There are many issues that can occur when your industrial gearbox is not properly lubricated. Surface fatigue is caused by low lubrication on the gear wheel teeth. This issue happens because the surface is not safeguarded from stress that causes pitting on the contact region. Another problem that will arise if the film of the lubricating oil is not maintained is scuffing. This problem happens due to increased temperatures, which cause distress on the surface.

Functions of gearbox lubricating oil

Lubricating oils serve a few purposes, including providing surface-wear protection, preventing corrosion of metal surfaces, and cooling the internal parts of the gearbox. Lubricating oil is so vital that you should perform oil level checks at regular intervals and replace it if the levels are too low.

Importance of selecting the right gearbox lubricating oil

To choose the right lubricating oil for your gearbox, you must consider the projected life of the product, as well as the seal and performance of the equipment. Depending on the style and size of your industrial gearbox, multiple methods are used to roll lubricant over the gears and bearings. Some popular methods include splash, mist, or pressure lubrication. Whatever type or method you are using, choosing the right oil is the most important step.

Many problems happen because of the wrong choice of lubricating oil. The wrong choice will not only reduce the life of the lubricant, but also the life of your gearbox. The right oil should provide reliability and a longer life for your equipment. If you are having a difficult time choosing the best lubricating oil, consult a gearbox professional.

For more information about industrial gear oil and gearbox maintenance

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