Why A Gearbox Warranty Matters

Why A Gearbox Warranty Matters

Date: April 27, 2016

A gearbox represents a considerable investment, and no matter the price, you want to know that your equipment will function properly. After all, the performance of this equipment has an effect on your bottom line and that effect should be positive, not negative. It is important to understand why a gearbox warranty is important and what high quality warranties look like.

Why a gearbox warranty is important

A gearbox warranty assures you that the equipment within your cooling tower is free of material or manufacturer defects. A warranty also provides you with a guarantee that the company has ensured their products are in top condition before leaving the facility. A company with a weak warranty often has a low quality product.

A company whose products are crafted to the highest degree of precision will come with a warranty that is also high quality. The quality of both is possible because the company has taken the time to prepare, manufacture, and inspect the finished product. As a general rule, the stronger the warranty, the more reliable the gearbox.

High quality gearbox warranties

High quality gearbox warranties offer you the ability to have your equipment assessed if it breaks down within a certain time period. However, it is best to maintain your gearbox to the best of your abilities to prevent breakdowns. Many high quality equipment warranties protect the product for a period of twelve months, following the date of installation. That time period provides ample opportunity to use the gearbox and determine whether it is functioning properly.

High quality equipment warranties can be provided for new products and after gearbox repair services have been completed. Before your product is delivered, it should be tested to ensure it will function correctly under normal conditions. Once this testing has been completed, you should be given a detailed report of how the equipment will run within your cooling tower. Along with the testing and report, a gearbox warranty can assure you that you have the best product possible.

If you would like to learn more about gearbox warranties or are in need of repair services for your equipment, contact Amarillo Gear Service today. We provide a one year warranty on both parts and labor after your equipment has been repaired. You can call us at (806) 622-1273 for more information about our services. You can also Contact Us via email to learn more and view the regions we service.

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