7 Tips For Inspecting And Maintaining Your Industrial Gearbox

7 Tips For Inspecting And Maintaining Your Industrial Gearbox

Date: February 15, 2017

Inspection and maintenance are essential for prolonging the operating life of an industrial gearbox. Removing the gearbox for a complete inspection or overhaul can cause long downtimes and halt production lines. Here are seven things you can do to minimize downtime and ensure your industrial gearbox has a long operating life.

Adhere to design specifications

Industrial gearboxes are often used in an application beyond their design specifications, thus driving them past their maximum recommended input power. Your industrial gearbox can malfunction if it is being used for anything other than its intended purpose. Check that your gearbox is operating within the manufacturer’s specifications of mechanical and thermal ratings.

Inspect shaft seals

You should regularly check for oil leaks at the input and output shafts of your industrial gearbox. A leak indicates a failed seal, allowing things like dust, debris, and water to enter and cause a loss of lubrication. Failed seals should be replaced immediately to prevent contamination of internal components.

Keep work areas clean

Industrial gearboxes often operate in dirty, dusty environments. This fact may be unavoidable, but it is still important to minimize the effects of a dirty work environment. Dust and dirt can infiltrate the industrial gearbox, causing an increased operating temperature or contamination of the internal components. To combat this issue, have your industrial gearbox routinely dusted and cleaned.

Lubricate adequately

Lubrication is essential to the proper functioning of an industrial gearbox. Adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications for type, quantity, and grade of oil to properly lubricate your equipment. Regular gearbox maintenance should also be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to maintain adequate lubrication.

Check for gear wear

The internal gears should be inspected by removing the inspection covers or by using an endoscope. Check for signs of wear such as pitting and spalling. You should also look for contacts between the gear teeth for misalignment.

Conduct regular vibration inspections

Industrial gearboxes operate in rather noisy environments. Due to this, variations or increases in noise from an industrial gearbox cannot always be recorded. A regular vibration analysis of the internal bearings and gears should be done often to confirm any changes in the condition of the internal components.

Speak to the experts about industrial gearbox maintenance

If you need help with regular industrial gearbox inspection and maintenance, you should speak with an expert. A professional can guide you and ensure that your equipment is working efficiently. Regular maintenance and inspection is essential to extending the life of your industrial gearbox and preventing a loss of production.

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