The 6 Steps In The Gearbox Repair Process Simplified

The 6 Steps In The Gearbox Repair Process Simplified

Date: June 29, 2017

Gearboxes are sophisticated pieces of machinery that must be very carefully installed and just as carefully repaired. Whenever you need to have your gearbox repaired, it is important to make certain that the correct steps are performed in the right order. Over the years, repair and service techniques have been optimized to enhance machine performance and longevity. Knowing the exact steps your gearbox service company will take to repair your equipment will help you minimize downtime, expenses, and inspection errors. The following are the steps that your repair company should follow when working on your gearbox.

1. “Not to Exceed” quote

When you contact the gearbox service shop, the first thing they should do is provide you with a “Not to Exceed” quote, assuming they are repairing a familiar gearbox with known costs associated. This will detail the potential cost involved in the renewal of your drive. Of course, additional services can be requested for a fee such as magnetic particle inspection. This service ensures that any hairline cracks in the unit are discovered before work begins.

2. Initial assessment

When your industrial gearbox has been received, a basic visual assessment of the exterior is carried out before actually opening the unit. This step involves examining the outer surfaces and checking the overall functionality of the equipment, bearing settings, and the backlash.

3. Disassembly

During this step of the gearbox repair process, the technicians will take the unit completely apart. All of the machine’s components, even the bearings, will be disassembled. This will allow the technician to capture the condition in which your gearbox, and its internal components, arrived at the facility.

4. “As Found Condition” report

After the initial inspection and disassembly have been conducted, the technician should provide an “As Found Condition” report. This report will include photographs of your drive with any noticable damage and observations made by the technician. You may be given an updated quote that details the work and any recommendations for parts that may need to be replaced.

5. Renewal

Once you have approved the quote for the renewal of your drive and the unit has been disassembled, the renewal process can begin. At Amarillo Gear Service, we strive to maintain the quality our customers have learned to expect in every service we provide. Parts can often be cleaned and reused, rather than replaced, which helps you save money. Any information about parts that do or do not need to be replaced will be included in the condition report so you will not be surprised. Components that may need to be replaced include gears and pinions, as well as shafts. Seals, shims, and bearings will always be replaced with tier 1 vendor parts.

The next step in the renewal process after clean-up and a second inspection of remaining components is to reassemble the gearbox and inspect the condition of the now repaired drive.

6. Quality assurance testing

After the renewal of your drive has been completed, all parts are reassembled by specialists. At this stage, gear clearances will be established and a no load spin test will be conducted. These quality assurance measures provide peace of mind and help ensure the longevity of your drive. If the drive passes these tests for both vibration and noise, it will be sand blasted and repainted with two layers of epoxy paint. This paint is designed to withstand the harsh conditions to which gearboxes are exposed.

Following these steps carefully guarantees that all factors have been considered with regard to renewing an industrial gearbox. When searching for a dependable gearbox repair company, you will want to pick one that understands and routinely performs each of these steps. Some technicians, and the businesses that employ them, only perform a limited number of repair services. This can result in issues to the gearbox and the system is drives.

Successfully repairing an industrial gearbox demands skill and attention to detail. When properly done, professional gearbox repair can benefit the user for years to come.

Amarillo Gear Service carefully follows this 6-step protocol for gearbox repair

By choosing an experienced industrial gearbox repair company, you can expect concrete results with respect to your gearbox’s longevity and performance. If you’re looking for a reliable service provider that understands every step of the repair process, call Amarillo Gear Service in Amarillo, Texas today. You can call us at (806) 622-1273 for more information about our Amarillo Gear™ and Marley™ gearbox repair services. You can also view the Regions We Service or Contact Us by email to learn more.

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