3 Ways To Maintain The Efficiency Of Your Gearbox

3 Ways To Maintain The Efficiency Of Your Gearbox

Date: November 30, 2016

If your industrial gearbox is operating at peak efficiency, you will experience many benefits including saving money. The major concerns with gearbox failure are the costs associated with getting it running again and having low efficiency production. It is important to understand how your equipment can fail and the ways in which you can avoid failure from happening in the first place.

Implementing preventive maintenance is a sure way to lengthen the life of your equipment and increase efficiency. This type of maintenance includes proper gearbox lubrication, monitoring vibration within the equipment, and understanding additional factors about industrial gearboxes.

Proper gearbox lubrication

Proper lubrication is essential for the efficiency of your industrial gearbox. You must use the appropriate lubricating oil, keep it free of contamination, and maintain sufficient quantities of oil at all times. A routine exam can indicate contamination of the lubricating oil and give information about its condition. Oil analysis can also increase the time between oil changes, ultimately decreasing costs and preventing gearbox failures.

Vibration within the gearbox

Misalignment, gear defects, and imbalances can be determined through analysis of shaft vibration. Industrial gearboxes need to be analyzed on a routine basis to help ascertain the likelihood of problems. You must allot sufficient time during an alignment procedure and attention must be given to mounting. Certain mounting bolts must be used so they can be secured to a rigid foundation. If gearbox repair or renewal is needed, get these services done as soon as possible.

Additional factors to know about industrial gearboxes

Besides the above factors, you should make sure your industrial gearbox is the correct size for its relevant applications. A failure can occur if the equipment is the incorrect size or not used in the correct manner. You must also ensure that your gearbox is stored properly. Some industrial gearboxes must be stored in cool and dry environments. Typically, small changes in temperature are fine, but a non-corrosive atmosphere is required.

For more information on gearbox maintenance

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