3 Tips To Keep Your Industrial Gearbox Running Smoothly

3 Tips To Keep Your Industrial Gearbox Running Smoothly

Date: August 31, 2016

If you want your industrial gearbox to last and function efficiently, consistent inspections and maintenance are critical. No matter what industrial setting you are in, you can ensure the long-term functionality of your gearbox with the following three tips.

Keep your industrial gearbox clean

This equipment is often used in hot, dusty, and grimy conditions. Most of the time, a dirty environment is an unavoidable industry risk. It is a good idea to routinely remove dirt and other particles from the area around your gearbox. These particles can result in problems caused by pollution. Try to regularly remove, clean, and properly reinstall vent plugs and gear oil filters. To help protect against air and water pollution in the gearbox, you can swap the system’s current vent plug with a desiccant filter.

Make sure your industrial gearbox is properly lubricated

The severe operating conditions most industrial gearboxes are exposed to result in wear to all elements, including lubricants. Stick to the supplier’s specifications for oil type, quality, and amounts and perform routine lubricant flushings to shield against system contamination. You should drain the used lubricant that is already in the gearbox as best as you can while the device remains warm. Draining the lubricant will help eliminate pollutants and oxygenated oil that may disrupt the proper functioning of the fresh gear lubes. If dirty oil is left in the equipment, the new lubricant may foam.

You don’t want to use an unstable or chlorinated flushing solvent to flush out your gearbox. These flushing solvents can cause lubricant to get stuck in the unit’s nooks and create rust. Remove any metal pieces, sand, or anti-corrosive substances before you change out gear oils. To effectively flush your gearbox, select a light viscosity turbine oil and only fill the box to about a third of its advised operating lubricant level.

Prevent overheating within your industrial gearbox

Inspect your gearbox consistently for typical symptoms of overheating, such as fading exterior paint or blackish oil in the water gauge. The unit’s operating temperature needs to be closely examined and documented so that you can quickly identify any major variations. Using a lubricant that does not have the proper viscosity can cause overheating due to excessive friction between components. Since a vast number of different variables can be the root cause of overheating, the ideal solution is to analyze the oil your gearbox is using. This step will help you identify the oil’s quality, and whether or not it is contaminated or worn out.

For more information on gearbox maintenance

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