3 Important Factors About Your Industrial Gearbox

3 Important Factors About Your Industrial Gearbox

Date: February 1, 2018

Industrial gearboxes are mechanical devices that change the speed or increase the output torque of motors. The gearbox is attached to the motor shaft and, depending on the internal configuration of the machine, increases speed or torque by the gear ratio. There are a variety of industrial gearboxes that can be used in a variety of applications, including in any industry that uses conveyor systems.

Most gearboxes are made of steel, although some can be made of plastic like spur models. There are two main types of gearboxes known as helical and straight. Straight gearboxes have straight “teeth.” These are used for lower-speed applications and are noisy. Helical gearboxes fit together like puzzle pieces and are used for high-speed applications. They are quieter and more efficient than straight gearboxes.

The following information can help you better understand the basics of your industrial gearbox.

Load distribution

If you are looking to get a new or repaired industrial gearbox, consider how heavy the load is that it must support. You may need attached support axials, overhangs, external moment loads, or bearing blocks. If your gearbox is holding too much weight without support, it could get pushed out of alignment. If your current industrial gearbox is out of alignment, a professional inspection could determine if it has been caused by a load distribution issue.

Gear ratio

The gear ratio is defined using the amount of gears and teeth present in the gearbox. There are two meshing gears, each with their own set of teeth. In general, the wider the gear, the more teeth the equipment will have. You can calculate the gear ratio by dividing the teeth into the two gears. Specifically, you are calculating the ratio differential between the two gears. For example, if gear A has twenty teeth and gear B has ten teeth, then the gear ratio will be two to one.

Output torque

Speed and output torque have an inverse relationship. This means that the higher the torque is, the lower the speed will be. If you need more output torque, your industrial gearbox needs a higher gear ratio.

Professional industrial gearbox maintenance and repair

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