3 Common Methods Of Gearbox Lubrication

3 Common Methods Of Gearbox Lubrication

Date: January 20, 2017

Lubrication is essential to the proper functioning of an industrial gearbox. Adequate levels of lubrication benefit a gearbox by lubricating the teeth and removing heat generated from operations. Lubricant is also used on the various bearings inside the gearbox. Adequately lubricating these elements of your industrial gearbox will result in mechanical efficiency, reliability, low maintenance, and a long equipment life span. The following will help you understand three major methods of lubrication known as grease, splash and spray.

Grease lubrication

Grease lubrication can be used for industrial gearbox systems that are open or closed, as long as they run at low speeds. The grease must have the correct viscosity with good fluidity, especially when used in an enclosed unit. Grease lubrication should not be used for continuous operation or high load gear drives. It should also be noted that grease lubrication has no cooling effect. A sufficient amount of grease must be used to ensure gear teeth are lubricated, but excess grease can result in power losses and viscous drag.

Splash lubrication

Helical, spur, and bevel gearboxes are typically lubricated using splash lubrication. During splash lubrication, the gears or another component within the gearbox dip into an oil bath. Through rotation these components begin “splashing” the oil into necessary chambers and crevices that may contain additional gears or bearings in need of lubricant. Provisions must be made to ensure the gear teeth are not fully immersed in the bath. If teeth are immersed in the oil, excessive losses will result due to the oil being churned.

Spray lubrication

High speed industrial gearboxes are lubricated through spray lubrication. These units often have spray lubrication provided through the use of nozzles, with oil circulating at a pressure of 0.7 barg. Extra care must be taken to ensure the oil reaches the contacting surfaces. This process can become difficult as centrifugal forces deflect the stream of oil.

Professional gearbox maintenance services

At Amarillo Gear Service, we work with our clients to ensure their gearboxes remain operational for the duration of their intended lifespan. We ensure that every unit we refurbish and repair leaves our facilities in like-new condition. The result is that many of our gearboxes perform better once they are returned and are less prone to cause an unwanted failure.

Give us a call today at (806) 622-1273 for more information about our industrial gearbox repair and renewal services. You can also Contact Us by email and view the regions we service. We will be happy to give you the answers you need to ensure your gearbox or operations do not come to a halt.

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